Population Matters

Media coverage – 2013

Media coverage – 2013

Media coverage Population Matters received in 2013:

How the UK population could double to 131 million within a century – when a third of people will be retired
Daily Mail
10 December 2013

David Cameron told: act now to halt fastest-rising population in Europe
Daily Star
23 November 2013

UK population growing faster than any other EU country
The Telegraph
21 November 2013

Are there too many people?
New Statesman
26 September 2013

What would Attenborough say about the Irish genocide?
25 September 2013

The sinister side of David Attenborough
The Telegraph
18 September 2013

Fury over comments made about Sir David Attenborough
Ealing Today
18 September 2013

Tory councillor sparks anger by suggesting Sir David Attenborough take his own life
18 September 2013

Phil Taylor, Tory councillor, suggests David Attenborough should commit suicide
Huffington Post
18 September 2013

Tory councillor Phil Taylor provokes outrage on Twitter for urging Sir David Attenborough ‘to commit euthanasia’
The Independent
18 September 2013

Tory councillor’s blunt response to Attenborough’s call to tackle overpopulation rather than sending aid to Africa
Daily Mail
18 September 2013

No, Sir David Attenborough, the end of the world is not nigh
The Telegraph
18 September 2013

Tory councillor tells David Attenborough to ‘take one-way trip to Switzerland’ after over-population comments
18 September 2013

My Channel 5 News debate with Population Matters
Larger Family Life
11 September 2013

National media briefing: the RNIB, Amnesty International, the National Trust, Population Matters
Third Sector
10 September 2013

Sir David Attenborough warns against large families and predicts things will only get worse
The Guardian
9 September 2013

Misunderstanding progressive population concern
22 August 2013

Migrants fuel UK baby boom: one in four now born to foreign mums
9 August 2013

Buy-to-let development is turning villages into enclaves for the rich
The Telegraph
16 July 2013

Should there be a cap on number of children families are allowed to solve population crisis?
Mancunian Matters
10 August 2013

Immigration and recession boost UK population by 420,000…the fastest growth in Europe
Daily Mail
8 August 2013

Politics, not population, causes starvation
The Scotsman
20 May 2013

Population key to forestalling famines
The Sctosman
20 May 2013

David Attenborough: “Humans are a plague on the Earth”
Radio Times
22 January 2013

Population will grow by 40pc in 70 years
The Telegraph
22 January 2013

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