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Population growth drives migration

Population growth drives migration

Sometimes a person has no choice but to leave home and seek a more bearable life elsewhereMigration is a global phenomenon of increasing scale and concern, and is addressed in our latest briefing.

The ongoing “migration crisis” in the European Union and the United Kingdom has affected every corner of society, raising a number of uncomfortable issues.

Migration is defined as the movement of people that involves change of residence from one place to another and impacts the structure, composition and growth of a country. About one in seven people worldwide are identified as international or internal migrants, a record level.

People leave their home for diverse reasons, and sometimes have little choice — for example, as a consequence of disease, conflict or natural disasters. These are, in turn, a result of pressure on the environment from high human population growth or density, and from overconsumption of natural resources, leading to poverty and low living standards.

To alleviate poverty and improve people’s living standards, which will in turn reduce migratory pressure, Population Matters promotes moderating population growth.

Population Matters believes that improving living standards through limiting population growth will enhance opportunities for every individual.

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