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Integrate family planning in development!

Integrate family planning in development!

Increasingly, development workers, program planners, and donors are recognizing the benefits of integrating family planning (FP) with other sectors. More research is needed, however, on the effectiveness of multisectoral programs. Three recently completed projects integrating FP into development activities outside the health sector provide evidence of efficiency and effectiveness. These examples highlight how an integrated, multisector approach can improve FP access in tandem with other development goals including environmental sustainability, food security, and poverty reduction.

The FHI 360 PROGRESS project (2008 to 2013) partnered with three projects already working in agriculture, microfinance, and environmental conservation to expand their model to include FP information and services and to collect data on activities and outcomes. Evaluations of these interventions found that integrating FP into other development projects is “feasible, acceptable, and effective.”

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