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Help us ‘light the way’ to a better future

Help us ‘light the way’ to a better future


On 24 September, people will gather around the world “to call on leaders to ‘light the way’ to a better future for people and the planet.”


Light the Way will take place on the eve of a meeting in New York of the United Nations General Assembly at which presidents and prime ministers of 193 countries will formally adopt the Sustainable Development Goals — a set of objectives intended to “end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.”

Photographs of the gatherings will be printed, framed and delivered to government officials immediately after being taken. On the eve of a meeting that could change the world, people will be showing world leaders that we will be watching — watching as the Goals are set and watching every step of the way until they’re met.


We are asking Population Matters members to join in this event to highlight the importance of addressing population growth. If the Goals are to be met, policymakers must take into account the effects of increasing populations on both the environment and society. As night falls, we’ll be holding stars to light the way to a better world with a sustainable population size. By joining other organisations in lighting the way, we will get our message out to leaders and the public worldwide.

In London, we will be meeting close to Saint Paul’s Cathedral at 6 PM. If you are interested in participating in the London event, please get in touch with Campaign Coordinator Isabella Coin and sign up. If you don’t live in London, please check to see what is happening near you. If you can’t find anything, why not initiate your own event?

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