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Health radio dramas launch in Nigeria

Health radio dramas launch in Nigeria

In Nigeria, most people turn to the radio for entertainment. This November, Population Media Center launched two new radio dramas in Nigeria that will air once per week for the next nine months. However, these soap operas bring something in addition to intriguing characters and lots of drama – these soap operas also educate.

“Two radio serial dramas, “Tafigawalo” (Working Towards Change) and “Hannunika Mai Sanda” (Power in Your Hands), are now at the broadcast stage,” says Ephraim Okon, Population Media Center’s country representative in Nigeria. “It has been challenging, but worth while as we hope to improve people’s health and well-being.”

Population Media Center is based in Shelburne, Vermont, but has worked in over 50 countries in its 15 year history. In every country, Population Media Center’s dramas are written, performed, and produced by locals.

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