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Have the snip, save the planet

Have the snip, save the planet

World Vasectomy Day is 7 November.

A vasectomy is a permanent and 99 per cent effective form of contraception. Men who have the procedure do not have to worry about contraception again, although they still have to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

Vasectomies do not affect hormone levels or sexual performance, and are safer than female sterilisation. A nonscalpel option that doesn’t even require stitches is available.


Around 40 per cent of pregnancies worldwide are estimated to be unintended.

Population growth is a major driver of social inequality, environmental degradation and climate change. Vasectomy is a simple thing that men can do to make a difference.

PopOffsets, a project of Population Matters, was a sponsor of World Vasectomy Day in 2013 and is again this year.

Simon Ross, Chief Executive of Population Matters, commented, “Population growth is a major contributor to environmental degradation and resource depletion that affects our cost of living and quality of life. People who wish to have biological children should consider having smaller families. Having a vasectomy is an effective way of avoiding the unplanned pregnancies that are so common.”

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