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Happy 90th birthday to Sir David Attenborough!

Happy 90th birthday to Sir David Attenborough!

Sir David AttenboroughWe wish our patron Sir David Attenborough many happy returns on the occasion of his upcoming 90th birthday on 8 May, and thank him for his support.

Things Sir David has said:

“The human population can no longer be allowed to grow in the same old uncontrolled way. If we do not take charge of our population size, then nature will do it for us.”

“As I see it, humanity needs to reduce its impact on the Earth urgently and there are three ways to achieve this: we can stop consuming so many resources, we can change our technology and we can reduce the growth of our population.”

“All our environmental problems become easier to solve with fewer people, and harder — and ultimately impossible — to solve with ever more people.”

“One thing you can say is that in places where women are in charge of their bodies, where they have the vote, where they are allowed to dictate what they do and what they want, whether it’s proper medical facilities for birth control, the birth rate falls.”

Some of Sir David’s recordings on population:

Happy birthday, Sir David!
Sir David Attenborough

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