Population Matters

Global Population Speak Out campaign

Global Population Speak Out campaign


We’re proud to be supporting Global Population Speak Out, a campaign to raise awareness about the problems caused by our growing population.

The organizations running the campaign are giving advocates the information and resources they need to spread the word about the benefits of achieving a sustainable population size. Leading scientists, academics and opinion-leaders have stepped up to the challenge, along with thousands of concerned citizens.

Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot

As part of the campaign, a visually stunning book highlighting the “ecological and social tragedies of humanity’s ballooning numbers and consumption” has been produced. Images of nature’s wonders are juxtaposed with those of scarred landscapes, famine, pollution, factory farming, crowded cities and battling crowds. The images are both starkly beautiful and disturbing. Each turn of the page reveals another bleak tableau. Many of the images are harrowing — readers may very well be shocked at the scenes of mankind’s brutality.

Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot is not an enjoyable coffee table book; it is a wake-up call to humanity — a call to action that is almost impossible to ignore.

We’re helping to spread the word by sharing printed copies of the book with our supporters. For your chance to win a copy, just tell us by 31 March 2015 one way in which you feel the world would be better off if we achieved a sustainable population size.

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