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Humans will wipe out 75% of species

Humans will wipe out 75% of species

Humans will wipe out 75% of the species on Earth in around 240 years, a scientist has said.

Mike Coffin, a marine geophysicist from the University of Tasmania, has said mankind will cause a mass extinction event between 240 and 500 years from now, which will see most species on the planet going extinct.

According to Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC News), Coffin told a conference in Hobart that humans will cause the sixth mass extinction event to face the planet.

The last five mass extinctions, which have taken place over the last 550 million years, were caused by asteroids hitting Earth, climate fluctuations and volcanic eruptions.

The most devastating event took place around 250 million years ago. In the Permian event, 96% of species were lost following the combination of a massive volcanic eruption in Siberia, global warming and deep sea anoxic waters.

If 75% of Earth’s species were wiped out, as Coffin predicts, the loss would be similar to the best known extinction event – the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event – when a massive asteroid wiped out about three quarters of all plant and animal life on Earth, including all the dinosaurs. “We’re on a trajectory to reach the 75% level sometime between 240 and 2,000 years from now,” he told ABC.


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