Population Matters

Help fund this new population film!

Help fund this new population film!

Is a Species set on endless growth sustainable?

In the feature-length documentary Sense and Sustainability we ask the simple, yet involved question, “Is a species set on endless growth sustainable?” We are coming to the realization that the Earth is a planet with finite resources that can no longer support our perpetual lust for more. We aim to provide solution on stabilizing the environment and the economy, and we ultimately hope to bring awareness to people that “it has never been a question of how many people the world can contain, but how many it can sustain”.

With the help of Professors, Doctors and Scientists well versed on a variety of subjects who gladly share their insight and knowledge; we discuss an array of subjects and present information that will shape the second half of this century. We examine what is truly takes to be sustainable beyond changing our light-bulbs and recycling, and explore the dangers of the Cornucopians Conviction (mans belief that technology will ultimately save us from ourselves). We then explain the problem with the gross overuse of our resources, and what that means for us and the ecosystem we, and all other species, depend on. We then discuss the scale of the human endeavor, and explain that the 1st step to easing its strain is the education and empowerment of women and international family planning.

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