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Free contraceptive implants for SA women

Free contraceptive implants for SA women

A small under-the-skin contraceptive device will be made available free of charge to all South African women from next week, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi told MPs on Wednesday.

Speaking during debate in the National Assembly on last week’s state-of-the-nation address, he announced what he called “the biggest family planning programme South Africa has ever seen”.

From Thursday next week, the tiny sub-dermal contraceptive device, about the size of a match, would be available to women at public hospitals around the country. The device, which has to be inserted by a medical professional under the skin of the upper arm, conferred protection from pregnancy for three years.

“This device costs R1 700 if you go to a private doctor. But we shall give it free of charge to every woman in South Africa, regardless of her socio-economic status. It will be available in all public hospitals by 27 February, and will reach all public clinics by the middle of this year.”


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