Population Matters

Film planned – The People Factor

Film planned – The People Factor

The People Factor does what it says on the tin. Or will do – it’s in development and seeking financial support.

Here is what the website says:

The number of people living on this planet does matter …

Yet most mainstream citizens in developed countries don’t understand why. Most environmentalists don’t really know either, although they are sometimes quick to name population as a problem. While demographers, sociologists and economists collect fascinating data on a specific subject, their data isn’t translated into information that connects population size to the larger sustainability picture.

We just don’t seem to know how to bring population into the conversation, nor do we know how to include scientific data on population into our environmental, social and economic decision-making process. But, if humans are going to make educated decisions about the environment, social issues and economies, population has to be a meaningful part of the conversation. We must learn how to talk about it effectively and inclusively.

THE PEOPLE FACTOR provides a thought-provoking exploration of the issues that redefines how we view the role of human population growth in a sustainable world.

The People Factor

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