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“I hear a lot about it – but not like this”

“I hear a lot about it – but not like this”

Population Matters has today launched a new video and campaign focusing on the positive impact of smaller family size. Presenting young people with the facts about population growth and its impact on our planet, it elicits some reactions of amazement and horror, and sees participants thinking again about the impacts of their own choices.

Small families, small planet uses animations to reveal the truth about our numbers, our consumption and the importance of bringing down family size in both the developing and the developed world.  The film records the authentic reactions of randomly selected young people as the information is projected on a screen in front of them.

Video surprises and enlightens

Its focus is on the key statistic that while the UN projects a population of 11.2 billion by the end of the century, just one fewer child in every second family than it expects would see the global population lower than it is today by then. This striking statistic shows that far from being an impossible problem, the power to achieve sustainable population levels is in our hands. As one participant says at the end of the video: “everyone is powerful; everyone can make a difference.”

Having smaller families

How big a family to have is a very personal choice and our new web pages about smaller families look at the decision from global and personal perspectives. Featuring testimonies about their experiences from people who have small families or are child-free, we hope they will help people with one of the most important decisions they can make.

Take action

Please share the video on your Facebook or Twitter, or send the link on to other people who might be inspired by it.

If you have yet to have children, are considering it or already have a family, read our pages on the positive impact of having a small family or being child-free.

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