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Environmental conservation

Environmental conservation

Around the world, ecosystems are being degraded by pollution, development, agriculture, logging and resource extraction. As human numbers and per capita consumption grow, we place increasing demands on the environment — demands that cannot be met without destroying the very resources we need to sustain ourselves. Other species are affected more immediately with wildlife numbers decreasing rapidly and species becoming extinct on a regular basis.

History is full of examples of wildlife populations that have been destroyed by unrestrained exploitation. Environmental measures such as protected conservation areas and banning trade in members of endangered species are essential but are unlikely to be sufficient unless we find a way of limiting human consumption to what can renewably be produced.

Giant pandas

Population Matters is supporting environmental conservation and urging that climate change be addressed because preserving habitats and ecosystems around the world is essential for the well-being of all species — including our own. We operate at local, national and international levels, conducting research, raising awareness and promoting policy change.

We have been around for more than 20 years and have members throughout the world. We partner with other organizations to promote environmental conservation and the tackling of global warming.

Our members support us with their donations and through promoting population awareness in a variety of ways — in educational institutions and the media; at events; and by making family, friends, neighbours and government officials more aware of the issues.

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