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England area population forecasts imminent

England area population forecasts imminent


New ONS population forecasts for English regions are due on 25 MayThe official population projections for English regions and local authorities are due to be released by the Office for National Statistics on Wednesday 25 May.

The projections will run to 2037.

We expect some dramatic figures, particularly in London and the south east. These have serious implications for the cost of living and quality of life, running from housing and transport to services, utilities and, ultimately resources.

This provides a good opportunity to engage with local media and politicians to raise the issue and to emphasise the need for greater concern about population growth when making political decisions. We shall be drawing the attention of the media, politicians and others to these figures, and invite others to do the same.

In order to maximise this opportunity, we have prepared some material to assist those who wish to use the subnational projections as an opportunity to contact their local media and to highlight Population Matters’ key concerns and messages on a local level. Find out more about our campaign and how you can participate in your own local area.

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