Population Matters

Population linked to unsustainable energy consumption

Population linked to unsustainable energy consumption

Solar panel on roofLarger populations, industrial developments and more wealth have increased energy demand greatly. Currently, the world relies predominantly on fossil fuels that are not only harmful for our environment but also limited in supply. The UK mainly uses gas and coal to generate electricity for its citizens, but has gradually been investing more in renewable energy sources.

In this briefing, the characteristics of different sources of energy will be considered. It will be argued that the UK is rightfully investing in renewable energy, and consequently it is successfully reducing its carbon emissions. Despite this investment, however, the UK is not expected to be able to successfully reduce CO2 emissions in the long run, due to increased energy demand as a result of population growth.

The UK will also be adversely affected by global population growth, which will increase global energy demand, causing environmental problems. Climate change transcends borders. To tackle this issue, the government should stimulate the use of renewable energy sources internally whilst also promoting population growth stabilisation both nationally and internationally.

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