Our partners

How do we choose who to crowdfund for?

All our partners are grassroots NGOs who are taking direct action in line with our mission.

We’ve carefully selected our partners for their effectiveness and impact. They’re all driving positive change by meeting the unmet need for family planning in the communities they serve. 

Because unsustainable population growth is an issue for everyone, everywhere, we’ve teamed up with a balance of organisations working across the Global North and South. 

Our partners are making smaller families possible – as a natural consequence of supporting people’s reproductive right to plan their families. 

All our partners: 

  • Have a mission and values aligned with our own 
  • Are meeting an unmet need for family planning (they may also be working on ideational change, girls’ education and/or wildlife protection) 
  • Are taking practical, frontline action 
  • Have clear social and/or environmental objectives 
  • Can evidence their impact. 

As well as meeting all of the criteria above, we prefer our partners to be well-established, registered organisations who’ve been endorsed by third parties and have not received funding from any other mainstream source to date. 

The selection process

We find potential partners by actively seeking them out, or through trusted third-party recommendations. We also investigate recommendations we receive from our supporters and visitors to our website. 

All our potential partners have to submit an application, which includes detailed information on their mission and values and how they work, as well as the CVs/biographies of their key members of staff and evidence of their impact. 

Only when we’re happy that a potential partner meets all our criteria will we start working with them to identify a crowdfunding project. 


To ensure that your donations are used for their intended purpose, we carry out an annual review of each of our partners’ financial accounts and, where possible, a yearly site visit. 

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