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Making a difference – crowdfunding for change

Making a difference – crowdfunding for change

WINGS GuatemalaThe keys to smaller families and lower population are education, escaping poverty and high quality family planning. People given the opportunity and means to decide how big a family to have usually choose smaller ones.

As part of our mission and commitment to giving people the power to make that choice, Population Matters is proud to announce the launch of our new crowdfunding project, Empower to Plan. Through Empower to Plan, PM supporters can donate money directly to practical family planning projects, making a difference where it’s needed most.

The need

Women around the world want the power to choose how many children to have – and when. Evidence shows that where women are empowered, there’s a natural fall in birth rate. Yet many women – both in developed countries and in the Global South – lack the contraception, knowledge and freedom to take control of their fertility.

Worldwide, an estimated 200 million women who don’t want to become pregnant lack those basic needs. Unplanned and unwanted pregnancies can limit their life choices and keep their families – and even their communities – trapped in a cycle of poverty. Meeting women’s unmet need for family planning and empowerment not only gives them the chance to improve their own lives, but naturally brings down birth rates – helping tackle the wider issue of unsustainable population growth.

The project

At Population Matters, our role is to advocate and campaign for the changes that will bring population to sustainable levels – an urgent task, given how few political leaders and influencers even recognise the need for action. We know that that action is simple and ethical, and that it helps people in many other ways. We want to help it happen, and show just how effective it is.

Empower to Plan offers Population Matters supporters the opportunity to donate directly to carefully selected grassroots organisations, delivering empowerment and change where it’s needed. 100% of the money goes to them, with Population Matters bearing the administration costs. Each is taking practical action, aligned with our mission and values, and with a proven track record of impact. They are making a positive, immediate difference to people’s lives, and showing how easy it is to relieve the pressure of population on communities and our planet itself.

Our partners

We are working with three organisations initially.

WINGS Guatemala provides quality reproductive health education and services to underserved, primarily rural, Guatemalan youth, women and men. WINGS aims to raise £2,400 through Empower to Plan – enough money to pay for the contraceptives distributed by five of their local Volunteer Health Promoters over the course of a year.

You Before Two is a UK-based sex education project with a mission to help adolescent girls at high risk of teenage pregnancy to make informed, positive decisions about their fertility and their futures. Following very succesful work on a smaller scale, the project aims to use money from its £3,000 Empower to Plan target to scale up, taking its life-changing programme to a large number of girls regionally.

CHASE Africa logo

CHASE Africa works across East Africa to deliver family planning and healthcare to marginalised communities, via a network of local NGO partners. The charity takes a rights-based approach that always prioritises the needs of the people it serves. CHASE’s £3,000 target will help cover the cost of three mobile day-clinics in Kenya, enabling up to 600 people to access modern contraception.

Supporting Empower to Plan and Population Matters

Read more about E2P, here. You can also follow the links above to learn more about the individual projects and donate directly on their pages.

To see more effective programmes like these, we need to convince policymakers of the need to adress our unsustainable population levels. You can support our vital advocacy and campaigning work by making a donation.

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