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Cutting your childcare costs

Cutting your childcare costs

The best way to reduce childcare costs is to have fewer children.

A recent study found that childcare costs in the UK have risen sharply, during both the last year and the last decade. Many parents who would like to work said that they were unable to do so because of the high cost of childcare.

The cause of the increase was ascribed to “an increase in demand for childcare, while the supply is remaining broadly static.” As population grows around the world, this situation is affecting more and more people and an increasing number of commodities. From housing and transport to energy, water and even food, rising demand is meeting limited supply, increasing costs, reducing living standards and putting more pressure on ecosystems, amenities and green spaces.

One solution is to consume less and we should all try to be resource efficient and environmentally conscious these days. However, the single biggest thing you can do for the planet is to have a smaller family — one or two rather than three or four. That will also help with your childcare costs.

Commented Simon Ross, chief executive of Population Matters, “In an ever more crowded world, it is time to end the system whereby the majority subsidise the minority who choose to have large families. We don’t need more people. Childcare and other state support should be limited to the first two children.”

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