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Clean energy solutions

Clean energy solutions

Solving water shortage problems and helping to feed the world with groundbreaking technologies are another example of how Israeli innovations are being used to assist other countries in their development.

Clean technologies developed in Israel, which look at improving energy consumption, waste or environmental pollution, and agricultural technologies which can provide solutions to food problems are now being implemented in places like Africa, Latin America, Asia and Central Europe.

Research shows this market is booming. In a survey, by both the IVC Research Center, a firm which provides information on Israel’s high tech industry, and professional service group KPMG of Israeli Venture Capital Investments, the clean tech sector increased in the first half of 2013 to $92 million, compared with $47 million a year earlier.

Leonid Bakman, founder and executive director of the  Israel Science Technology & Innovation Policy Institute (ISTIPI), an independent non-profit “Do-Tank” focused on developing a sustainable socio-economic environment, says:  “Israel is very strong in advanced agriculture and very strong in high technology.

“What we are trying to do is combine the two aspects and position Israel as an attractive, innovative centre in smart agriculture. The demand is coming worldwide to use less fertiliser, less water and deal better with weather changes. Digital infrastructure is necessary to manage all this and to help improve productivity.”


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