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Catholics support abortion, contraception

Catholics support abortion, contraception

Most Catholics disagree with what the church teaches them about contraception, divorce and abortion, according to a survey that reinforces the gap between the Vatican and its global flock before an extraordinary synod this year that many hope will lead to reform. As part of a poll commissioned by the US Spanish-language network Univision, more than 12,000 Catholics in 12 countries were asked their opinions on the church’s positions on issues such as gay marriage and women’s ordination.

The survey found that, of all the subjects covered, the church’s teaching on contraception was most out of step with the thinking of ordinary Catholics, with 78% of respondents worldwide supporting the use of artificial birth control. More than half (58%) disagreed with the church’s stance that divorcees who remarry are ineligible for Communion. And 65% of the respondents said abortion should be allowed – 8% in all cases and 57% in some.

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