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Fertility rates and development

Fertility rates and development

During 9 – 12 November, people from all around the world will be in Indonesia for the 2015 International Conference on Family Planning.

Women and children

Every other year since 2009, the Conference has brought together a large number of members of the family planning community to share best practices, celebrate successes and chart a course for the future. The theme for this year’s gathering is “global commitments, local actions”.

To mark the event we have published a briefing about the impact of fertility rates on development in a number of neighbouring countries. In the briefing we compare the different development trajectories of the countries in relation to fertility rate reductions achieved through positive, noncoercive policies such as increasing access to sexual and reproductive health services.

Our findings show that the quicker the fertility rate decrease, the greater the progress in terms of economic performance, poverty reduction, human development and maternal and infant mortality rates.

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