Population Matters

Strategy & outcomes

Strategy & outcomes

Our mission is to promote smaller families and reduced consumption throughout the world through advancing:

  • the education of the public in issues relating to human population worldwide and its impact on environmental sustainability;
  • research to determine optimum and ecologically sustainable human population levels and to publicise the results of such research; and
  • environmental protection by promoting policies that will lead or contribute to the achievement of stable human population levels allowing environmental sustainability.

We operate through our three-year strategy (2016/17–2018/19) and annual plan.

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We work to achieve our strategic goals by:


  • promoting changes in preferences and behaviours by communicating the social, environmental and personal benefits of small families;
  • increasing understanding among opinion formers;
  • supporting improvements to women’s rights, sex and relationships education and sexual and reproductive health and rights;
  • commissioning research in order to improve understanding of issues related to population and family size;
  • increasing acceptance of our message through using an open and conversational tone; and
  • working with other organizations to achieve shared goals.


We work to support our approach with the following activities:

  • maintaining a delivery model of a mix of staff, contractors, agencies and volunteers;
  • depending mainly on our members, but seeking funding elsewhere; and
  • adopting best practices in governance.

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