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Annual reports

Financial statements

Financial statements for previous years.

Sources of income, reserves and investments

Our income comes primarily from our many individual members. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have about the reports. Our reserves policy is to retain a sufficient amount to enable us to maintain our activities at the current level in foreseeable circumstances. The level of reserves is reviewed annually and is set at £250,000. Our reserves are spread between several reputable UK organizations to limit risk. In addition, we invest in conservative stock market instruments.

Constitution and compliance

We are a company limited by guarantee (3019081) and a registered charity (1114109). We are governed by our Articles of Association. We operate within the guidance of Companies House and the Charity Commission. We benchmark our governance against best practices.

Annual General Meeting 2018

The next Annual General Meeting will be held on 17 November 2018 in London. The AGM is open only to Guarantor Members of Population Matters, who will be personally notified by email or letter.

Annual meeting

Transparency and risk

We were deemed “the highest-scoring small organization” in the Bond Transparency Review 2015 – Cohort Report. If you cannot find information about us that you are seeking, please contact us. No board member has a pecuniary interest in our activities, and they are remunerated only for modest expenses. Team members have no pecuniary interest in our activities other than payment for duties and expenses.

We review our governance and risk register regularly. Risks deemed to be significant have been identified as the loss of key personnel, management information and funds. Actions taken to reduce the likelihood and impact of these risks include multiple ownership of business-critical data, offsite backup of key information and a conservative approach to investment.

Policies and guidelines

Our policies and guidelines affirm our responsibilities, improve our performance and minimize risk.

Duty of care

Data protection
Health and safety
Personal safety at events
Safeguarding vulnerable people
Suspect packages


Conflict of interest
Corruption and fraud
Gifts and hospitality
Investment & reserves
Investment committee ToR


Board guidelines
Brand guidelines
Contacting the media
Crisis communications
Environmental impact
Event management
Event recruitment
Information security
Local groups
Open information
Preparing for an interview
Recruitment by speakers
Vegan event recruitment
Volunteer management

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