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Our principal staff, contractors and volunteers are listed below. We are particularly grateful to volunteers who work on our behalf. Contact us to be put in touch with a particular team member.


Robin Maynard

Environmental campaigner, writer and strategist. Robin has held senior positions at Friends of the Earth, the Soil Association and the Forestry Commission and undertaken work for Compassion in World farming, among many others.


Alistair Currie
Head of campaigns & communications
15 years campaigning experience, including at PETA UK, Cruelty Free International and Free Tibet. Alistair was previously a registered nurse.

Ivan Cicin-Sain
Organizational outreach
Technical author and environmentalist. MSc in environmental decision-making. Active member of many local campaign groups.

Chris Padley
Letter writers’ group coordinator
Leading our rapid rebuttal unit; has a knack for getting letters published.

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Jane Blank
Education group coordinator
A professional teacher, published novelist, poet, dramatist, script writer and tutor in creative writing. A member of Literature Wales.

Savannah-Leigh Rose
Group outreach
Runs a craft business using recycled materials. Interested in sustainability and in helping people to adopt a greener lifestyle in balance with the planet.

Graham Tyler
Shop manager
Application and database developer, after studying humanities and social sciences. Extended local involvement, including as scout leader. Anticipating a future in which humanity can advance without damaging the world we share.

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David Samways
Journal editor
Has a doctorate in environmental political theory from the University of Essex. His thesis examined the relationship between attitudes to nature and ecological impact. He also has a background in mechanical engineering and runs a specialist engineering business.

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Rosemary Horsey
Individual outreach
Has worked for environmental organizations for most of her life.

Percy Kelland
Honorary treasurer
Chartered accountant with over 30 years experience of advising privately-owned businesses. Passionate interest in wildlife, the environment and conservation. Trustee of Whale and Dolphin Conservation since 2003 and advises other charities.

Julie Lewis
Finance and membership manager
Spent 15 years in energy consultancy providing economic analysis to clients around the world. Following a career shift, worked with several charities and grant-making trusts before focusing on population and sustainability. Responsible for membership and finance.

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