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Scientists’ warning – time to take action

Scientists’ warning – time to take action

Elephants are adorableIn November 2017, 15,000 scientists from across the globe signed up to a Warning to Humanity from the Alliance of World Scientists. The statement spelled out the gravity of our environmental crisis and the urgency of taking action to tackle it. Since then, a further 5,000 scientists have backed the call.

No government has yet taken action.

For World Population Day 2018, Population Matters is joining with seven other sustainable population organisations working internationally to call on governments to act. We are issuing a statement in support of the Alliance of World Scientists, demanding that governments explain what they are doing in response to the warning. We are calling on members and supporters to join the campaign.

Take action

Population “a primary driver”

Alliance of World Scientists logoWorld Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice warns that runaway consumption of limited resources by a rapidly growing population is crippling the Earth’s life-support systems, jeopardizing our future. It identifies population as a “primary driver” of the crisis. Among its 13 recommended actions to avert environmental disaster and colapsing biodiversity are reducing fertility rates through education and family planning, and rallying leaders behind the goal of establishing a sustainable human population.

Population groups recognise the urgency and importance of the Warning to Humanity, and the need for all its prescriptions to be followed. The statement in support for World Population Day 2018 has been signed by Démographie Responsable (France), Overpopulation Project (Sweden/international) Population Institute (US), Population Institute Canada, Population Matters (UK), Population Media Center (US), Sustainable Population Australia and World Population Balance (US). It has been sent to governments and political representaives in all the countries where the groups are active.

Read the World Population Day statement here.

Sign the Warning

BeeThe Warning to Humanity has now been published online and the Alliance of World Scientists is seeking endorsments from individuals and organisations, in addition to scientists. The full scientific text can be read here and a summary here. We strongly urge people to add their voices, and sign directly to show their support. Sign to support the Warning here.

Contact political representatives

Please contact your government directly, and other political representatives to urge them to apply pressure to governments for action.

Westminster Bridge and Big BenIn the UK, you can write to the Prime Minister via the 10 Downing St website. The Scottish Government can be contacted via scottish.ministers@gov.scot and the Welsh Government here.

You can find contact details for MPs, Members of the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly Members and Northern Irish Members of the Legislative Assembly at Write to Them.

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