Population Matters

Campaigns & projects

Campaigns & projects

CharityComms MemberWe mount a range of campaigns for a sustainable future, including working within relevant alliances.

gold-star_small_42015/16: Most ever campaigns involving membership

Current and recent campaigns

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  • Heathrow Expansion — We are campaigning against the construction of a third runway at Heathrow.
  • Public health cuts — We are campaigning against the UK Government’s decision to cut £200 million from this year’s public health grant, which includes sexual health.We believe that sex and relationships education should be mandatory in schools
  • Mandatory sex education — We believe that sex and relationships education should be mandatory in schools.
  • Ten per cent of aid for family planning — We believe that access to family planning services is fundamental to slowing and reversing unsustainable population growth.

Ongoing Campaigns

  • Consumption — We’re calling for individuals in developed countries to be environmentally aware and limit their consumption. We believe the world’s poor are entitled to improve their living standards, and we’re calling for sustainable approaches to be incorporated into development.We're calling for measures to protect biodiversity
  • Environmental conservation — We’re calling for measures to protect biodiversity, and to minimize exploitation of increasingly-limited natural resources.
  • Technology — We’re calling for a greater reliance on renewable resources, better resource-use efficiency, and reduced waste and harmful emissions.
  • Population — We’re asking governments to integrate population projections into their planning and policies, and to promote smaller families.
  • Family size — We’re calling on people to choose to have smaller families.
  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights — We’re calling for high-quality, age-appropriate sex and relationships education that encourages respectful and responsible relationships and behaviour. We advocate universal access to appropriate, affordable and accessible family planning. We urge the international community to devote more funds to family planning and for governments to make such access a near-term goal. In some countries, Population Health Environment programmes are appropriate. Conflict situations and poor governance must be addressed to enable the provision of effective health programmes.
  • Women’s rights — We’re calling for an end to child and forced marriage, female genital mutilation and violence against women and girls. We support measures to secure equal gender participation in education, the economy and society.


Much of our work can be defined as projects, and these are described below.

Achievement2015/16: Promotion — Bus advertising seen by an estimated 2m people


We also provide speakers. These projects account for the majority of our activities. We do not fund projects of other organizations except through our PopOffsets environmental impact offsetting scheme. Additional information about our work is available in our quarterly and annual reports.


Population and Sustainability Awareness Award

This award is given to the person, programme or institution who or which has done the most in the past year to promote public debate on population growth in relation to sustainability and development issues.

2016 – Stephen Emmott

Stephen EmmottIn recognition of his contribution to raising awareness of the issue of population and sustainability through his authorship, presentation and other participation in the presentation, book and film, Ten Billion.

2015 – Joe Bish

Joe BishJoe is the Director of Issue Advocacy of the Population Media Center. He oversees a number of advocacy activities, including the Daily Email, Weekly News Digest, News Media and Editorial Leadership Initiative and Global Population Speak Out. Joe in addition oversees the Center’s state chapters and has been instrumental in planning numerous networking and population advocacy strategy meetings. He holds a Master of Science in Environmental Advocacy and Organizing from Antioch University New England. The award is made in recognition of Joe’s contribution to raising awareness of the issues of population and sustainability.

2014 – Sir Richard Ottaway, MP

Sir Richard OttawayIn recognition of Sir Ottaway’s long record of clarity on the issue of population, notably: his service as Vice-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health; his leading role in producing the All Party Parliamentary Group’s 2007 report Return of the Population Growth Factor: Its Impact on the Millennium Development Goals, and its sequel; his coauthorship of Sex, Ideology and Religion: 10 Myths about Population Growth; as Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, his role in producing the 2014 report on The UK’s Response to Extremism and Instability in North and West Africa; and his long support both for Population Matters and the Population and Sustainability Network.