Population Matters

Campaigns & projects

Campaigns & projects

CharityComms MemberWe mount a range of campaigns for a sustainable future, including working within relevant alliances.

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Current campaigns

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  • The global gag rule — We oppose the decision by the Trump administration to ban all US overseas aid to organisations which provide abortion or even information about it.
  • Heathrow expansion — We are campaigning against the construction of a third runway at Heathrow.
  • Public health cuts — We are campaigning against the UK Government’s decision to cut £200 million from this year’s public health grant, which includes sexual health.We believe that sex and relationships education should be mandatory in schools
  • Mandatory sex education — We believe that sex and relationships education should be mandatory in schools.
  • Ten per cent of aid for family planning — We believe that access to family planning services is fundamental to slowing and reversing unsustainable population growth.

Our asks

  • Consumption — We’re calling for individuals in developed countries to be environmentally aware and limit their consumption. We believe the world’s poor are entitled to improve their living standards, and we’re calling for sustainable approaches to be incorporated into development.We're calling for measures to protect biodiversity
  • Environmental conservation — We’re calling for measures to protect biodiversity, and to minimize exploitation of increasingly-limited natural resources.
  • Technology — We’re calling for a greater reliance on renewable resources, better resource-use efficiency, and reduced waste and harmful emissions.
  • Population — We’re asking governments to integrate population projections into their planning and policies, and to promote smaller families.
  • Family size — We’re calling on people to choose to have smaller families.
  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights — We’re calling for high-quality, age-appropriate sex and relationships education that encourages respectful and responsible relationships and behaviour. We advocate universal access to appropriate, affordable and accessible family planning. We urge the international community to devote more funds to family planning and for governments to make such access a near-term goal. In some countries, Population Health Environment programmes are appropriate. Conflict situations and poor governance must be addressed to enable the provision of effective health programmes.
  • Women’s rights — We’re calling for an end to child and forced marriage, female genital mutilation and violence against women and girls. We support measures to secure equal gender participation in education, the economy and society.