Population Matters

London public meeting 19 Jan 2014

London public meeting 19 Jan 2014

Sun 19 Jan 2014, 11.00

The Conway Hall Ethical Society presents
Sunday Lecture – Does Population Matter?
John Collier & Nina Clarke

The world’s population went through the seven billion mark in October 2012 and only a very few people seemed to take serious notice. Only 200 years ago the world’s population had only just passed one billion. This seven-fold increase is arguably the most dramatic thing to have happened to our planet in human history but talking about it is almost a taboo. Why?

There is one place in the UK though where population is top of the agenda – and that is a small but growing campaigning charity called Population Matters.

Two of its Trustees, John Collier and Nina Clarke, will be coming to Conway Hall to set out the key facts, explore the issues and to suggest some ideas about the way forward. There are no simple answers so a lively debate is anticipated with the words of one of the charity’s patrons, David Attenborough, as a possible starting point – “All environmental problems become harder- and ultimately impossible – to solve with ever more people”

John Collier is not only a geographer but also a chartered accountant and a businessman. He brings a very practical perspective to the issues. Nina Clarke was a Director of a private training organisation. She has wide experience of training business people and professionals, both in the UK and abroad, to communicate better in the English language, to give their presentations impact, to negotiate more effectively and to deal sensitively with other cultures. In the last year or two they have spoken together to a wide range of audiences and bring complementary but different perspectives to the issues.

11.00, £5 in advance, £2 concs./Free to Ethical Society members

Tea & Coffee will be available.

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