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1/3 of Irish women use no contraception

1/3 of Irish women use no contraception

A study “to asses attitudes towards contraception” found that a third of Irish women aged 18-45 are not using contraception. Another 9 per cent say they use natural methods, including the rhythm method, withdrawal, and other traditional forms of contraception.

The study, carried out by Behaviour & Attitudes on behalf of Bayer Healthcare, found that more than a quarter of women in Ireland (27 per cent) use condoms, with the same number using short-acting hormonal contraception, such as the pill.

Dr Shirley McQuade, Medical Director of the Dublin Well Woman Centre, said: “I’m surprised such a high number of women in Ireland are not using any contraception. Even when you remove those women who are planning on having a child this year (13 per cent), that still leaves one woman in five (20 per cent) who are neither using contraception nor planning on getting pregnant within the year.”

In the last two years, one in six Irish women have used emergency contraception, with five per cent using it more than once. However, a third of women said that accessing emergency contraception did not prompt them to look at their contraception needs in a long-term way.


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