Population Matters promotes smaller families and sustainable consumption across the world, to achieve a healthy planet and a decent standard of living for all.
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Population Matters

Last week, Population Matters attended the landmark Livestock and Extinction conference in London. The conference examined the impact of intensive animal farming on the environment and vulnerable species. PM brought our Anthropocene campaign ambassador, Big Foot, to the event to stress the importance of population as a driver of food demand.
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  • Nobel laureates: population growth a major threat

    6 September 2017 A recent survey of science and economics Nobel Prize winners invited them to identify the most significant threats faced by humanity in the future. A significant number identified population growth as one of the major issues of concern, including because of its negative environmental impact and the risk of insufficient resources - including food and water - being available to meet demand. read more...
  • Global initiatives support smaller families

    17 August 2017 Accelerated population growth poses major issues worldwide, especially for countries with high growth and few resources to cope. In response to these pressures, we look at some of the global initiatives that are underway to provide people with the knowledge and tools they need to help turn the tide of overpopulation. read more...

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Welcome to the Anthropocene! Big Foot at the National History Museum