Population Matters

Population Matters

On Wednesday 15 March, Pakistan launched its first census in 19 years amidst widespread concerns that it will be a defective exercise. Fears are that this will impede the country's ability to tackle its rapid population growth and pose a serious threat to its development.
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  • Is the Pope heeding warnings about population?

    5 March 2017 PATRONS After two of the world's most distinguished population campaigners warned a conference in the Vatican that we are already in the "sixth great extinction", one report says the Pope wants people to have fewer children. read more...
  • UK population to hit 70m by 2026

    4 March 2017 Latest figures from the Office of National statistics show the UK could also be the largest country in Europe by 2050. Its projections also show a substantial increase in the number of people over 65. In a widely quoted comment in the national media, Population Matters said "An ageing population demands our creativity and serious thinking and is another example of why a strategic approach to population is needed and long-overdue.” read more...

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