Population Matters promotes smaller families and sustainable consumption across the world, to achieve a healthy planet and a decent standard of living for all.
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Population Matters

Last week, researchers published an article highlighting the top 'high-impact' actions individuals can take to reduce their carbon emissions and fight climate change. Overwhelmingly, having fewer children was found to have the highest impact. The findings were in line with another recent report which identified steps to manage population growth as among the most effective measures available to reduce global emissions.
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  • UK population growth highest in 70 years

    26 June 2017 The latest population estimates for the UK show the largest annual increase in numbers of people in the UK since the 1940s. In percentage terms, the growth is in line with the average in recent years of a little under 1%. With the UK's population at its highest ever level, however, the actual increase of more than half-a-million people is the largest for decades. read more...
  • 16bn or 7.3bn in 2100? New UN figures say both possible

    21 June 2017 COMMENT On 21 June, the United Nations released new projections for global population growth up until 2100. Issued every two years, the projections for 2017 show slight increases over those produced in 2015 - increases measured, however, in hundreds of millions of people. The UN confirmed that global fertility rates are continuing to decline but remain very high in some of the poorest parts of the world. read more...

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