Population Matters promotes smaller families and sustainable consumption across the world, to achieve a healthy planet and a decent standard of living for all.
Population Matters

Population Matters

Cities and rural areas - including the Cairngorms National Park - will face growing numbers of people and households in the next twenty years. Projections released by National Records Scotland this month show growth that will put pressure on public services and the natural environment.
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  • US ends funding for United Nations Population Fund

    4 April 2017 US declares it is cutting all funding for the United Nations Population Fund, which supports vital family planning services across the developing world. The decision has been justified by unsubstantiated claims that UNFPA is complicit with coerced abortions in China. It threatens the health and rights of millions of girls and women around the world, especially those in crisis situations. read more...
  • Sydney hits 5 million as Australia continues to grow

    31 March 2017 Australia's urban population continues to grow - part of a dramatic expansion in numbers which could see the country's population double in the next 70 years. Australians have among the highest per capita carbon emissions and environmental footprints of any country on Earth. read more...

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