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We recognise, promote, and value equality and diversity in staff, volunteers and all aspects of our activity.

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There are no permanent staff roles currently available. We will consider applications for placements and internships. Applicants should submit a CV, two references and two examples of their writing style for a general audience, and should indicate the preferred timing and subject of their engagement with us. Please note that roles are home-based and that we prefer applicants to have taken out membership.

We welcome your involvement in our activities. From contributing to our research activities or writing articles for our magazine, to helping manage the organisation or running events, there is a valuable role you can play. Whatever time and skills you have to offer, do get in touch and tell us what you would like to do. Alternatively, simply ask to be kept informed of opportunities as they arise. These opportunities vary widely in nature and duration, from a few hours to as long as you wish. Those interested in volunteering should, as a first step, take out membership.

Our discussion, area and other groups contribute to our research, educational and advocacy activities on population and sustainability issues.