Population Matters

Book a speaker

Book a speaker

We offer films, materials, workshops and experienced speakers to help individuals and schools and other organizations raise population- and sustainability-related issues. We do not charge but welcome repayment of expenses.


Contact us to take advantage of our outreach program.


We provide experienced speakers who can make a presentation, speak from notes or participate in a debate.


We run workshops on population dynamics and tailor them to specific interests such as sustainability or environmentalism.


We have a wide range of materials to suit all levels and areas of interest. We provide promotional items and also advise on other resources.


We provide the following films along with a host for a Question and Answer session.

Film strip

Critical Mass asks just how many people can the world support before society breaks?

GrowthBusters – Hooked on Growth is a feature-length documentary examining the beliefs and behaviors preventing our civilization from becoming a sustainable one.

Mother – Caring for 7 Billion is a gentle treatment of a brutal issue that urges humanity to work together to bring about a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

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