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Our groups contribute to our research, educational and advocacy activities on population and sustainability issues.

Online discussion

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Google group
LinkedIn group
Yahoo group

Other groups

Our other groups — see below — are more action-oriented. To participate in any of them or set one up, we encourage you to first become a member. If you are already a member and wish to join one of the groups or set one up, please contact us.

Letter-writers’ group

Our letter-writers’ group shares information on and approaches to campaigning on population issues in the media.

Local groups

Our local groups in the United Kingdom promote population concern and sustainability within their communities.


Professional groups

If you work in family planning and would like to link up with others in your field, let us know.

If you work in education, you may wish to join our education group, which promotes population studies in secondary and tertiary education.

If you are active in an environmental organization and would like to connect with others promoting population in such organizations, get in touch.

Faith-based groups

If you would like to hear from others who share your faith and concerns about population and sustainability, let us know.