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We encourage joining rather than simply donating because members receive our publications and can participate in volunteering, group activities, sponsored events and our annual conference.

Membership is free for individuals less than 19 years old or in a country that is not an OECD member if they are willing to receive publications only via email. Just contact us with your name, email address, postal address and if relevant date of birth.

Organizations are welcome to join at the prevailing rates.

We accept all currencies via debit or credit card.

Join or renew

Monthly recurring (£2.50 min.)  
Annually recurring (£26 min.)  
One year only (£26 min.)  
19 – 25 or 65+ (£13 min.)  
Unwaged (£13 min.)  
Life (£390 min.)  

Donate without joining or renewing

Once or monthly  

You may instead use our print form or call us on +44 (0)208 1239116 to donate, join or renew, or donate via the Charities Aid Foundation.

You can give membership or make a donation as a gift — just contact us with the name of the recipient and your message.

Consider offsetting your carbon, leaving a gift in your will and giving in other ways as well.

Give with Confidence

View information about our fundraising standards and complaints policy.