Population Matters

Datasets & infographics

Datasets & infographics

A listing of relevant datasets and infographics.

Population only

BBC – British population animation
BBC – What’s my number?
CIESIN – Gridded Population of the World, version 3 (GPWv3) and the Global Rural-Urban Mapping Project, version 1 (GRUMPv1)
DWTKNS – Population density
Jasper Eikelboom – Overpopulation
GeoData Institute – Worldpop
Guardian – How the world population got to seven billion
Guttmacher Institute – Demographic data
INED – Population simulator
INED / UNDESA – Population density infographic
Metrocosm – History of cities
Office for National Statistics – Population theme
Office for National Statistics – Population publication hub
Population Connection – World Population History map
Population Matters – UK population trend
Population Matters / ONS – Subnational projections for England
Population Reference Bureau – World population data
UNDESA – World population data hub
UNFPA – World Population Dashboard
Wittgenstein Centre – Population data explorer
Worldometers – World population

Population and other data

Breathing Earth – Dynamic imagery
CIA – World Factbook
European Commission – Global human settlement
Eurostat – European statistics
Gapminder – Dynamic data comparator
Global Social Change Research Project – Reports
Google – Dynamic data comparator
Met Office – Human Dynamics of Climate Change map
Poodlewaddle – World clock
Population Action International – Mapping population and climate change
Population Matters – Fact pack
Population Matters – Key Facts
Population Reference Bureau – Demographic dividend
WHO – Public health, environmental and social determinants of health (PHE)

Sexual and reproductive health and rights

Countdown 2015 Europe – Sexual and reproductive health and rights factsheets
Family Planning 2020 – Knowledge platform
IPPF – Youth access to family planning
Lloyds Pharmacy – Future of contraception
Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition – Supply promises
UNOHCHR – Sexual and reproductive health and rights


Global Footprint Network – Footprint data
Google – Timelapse satellite images
INRIX – Global congestion scorecard
International Climate Fund – Global calculator
Population Matters – Overshoot index
Sensory Empire – Malthusian clock

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