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We believe that moving towards a sustainable world involves addressing our population, consumption and use of natural resources and technology.

Key Current Campaigns

Public health cuts
We are campaigning against the UK Government’s decision to cut £200 million from this year’s public health grant to local authorities.


Mandatory sex education
We believe that sex and relationship education should be mandatory in schools.

Provision of sexual health services
We believe that sexual health services should be treated as a priority — particularly in wealthier countries.

Ten per cent of international aid for family planning
We believe that access to family planning services is fundamental to slowing and reversing unsustainable population growth.

Ongoing Campaigns

We’re asking governments to integrate population projections into their planning and policy formulation processes with a view to understanding the implications of population growth and adopting measures to limit it.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights
We’re calling for the provision of high-quality, age-appropriate sex and relationships education that encourages respectful and responsible personal relationships and behaviour and is provided by teachers who have relevant training.

Birth control pills

We believe there should be universal access to family planning. We’re calling for the international community to devote more development funds to family planning and for all governments to have universal access as a near-term goal. A range of contraceptive methods, including more reliable, long-acting reversible contraceptives, should be made available. In some countries, Population Health Environment programmes are appropriate. Conflict situations and poor governance must be addressed to enable effective health programmes to be provided.

Family size
We’re advocating policies and programmes that promote smaller families.

Women’s rights
We’re calling for an end to child marriage and violence against women and girls, including forced marriage and female genital mutilation. We endorse measures in education and employment leading to equal gender participation in the economic and social spheres.


Environmental conservation
We’re calling for measures to conserve species, habitats and ecosystems in order to prevent biodiversity loss. We should minimize further exploitation of increasingly limited natural resources.

We’re calling for a systematic and persistent move to greater reliance on renewable resources. This includes improving resource use efficiency, reducing waste and harmful emissions of all kinds. These approaches should be part of social planning.

We’re calling for individuals living in developed countries to be environmentally aware and not to consume excessively. We believe the poor of the world are entitled to improve their living standards and we’re calling for aid that helps to ensure that sustainable approaches are built into development.