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Three killed in attack on abortion clinic
A gunman stormed a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Colorado Springs on Friday and opened fire with a rifle in an attack that left three people dead and nine others injured.
30 November 2015

Pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives
Groundbreaking laws in California and Oregon will soon make obtaining contraceptives much easier for millions of women.
29 November 2015

Philippines wrestles with climate dilemma
The government of the Philippines, which is one of the countries in which people will suffer most in response to global warming, has approved controversial plans for additional coal-fired power stations.
28 November 2015

Pope delivers stern warning on climate change
Pope Francis has stated that failing to act to address global warming would be "catastrophic" and urged governments to reach an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference.
27 November 2015

A step forward for women’s rights
The government of Tunisia has enacted a law that allows a woman to travel with her minor children without getting permission from the children’s father.
26 November 2015

Stealth attack on abortion access
Some state governments in the United States are subsidizing medically questionable crisis pregnancy centers while stripping funding from more comprehensive health care service providers.
25 November 2015

Human Ponzi scheme of population growth
To avoid catastrophic climate change, we need a "both-and" approach involving efforts to slow down global population growth and promote vegetarian diets.
24 November 2015

Desperate not to have children
Two women who do not want to have children — one British and one Iranian — explain why.
23 November 2015

Building outpacing population growth in China
Chinese government policies that yield rapid development are resulting in the creation of virtually uninhabited “ghost cities”.
22 November 2015

Population of Indonesia now 255 million
The Central Statistics Agency of Indonesia has reported that the population of the country increased by approximately three million during the past year and is now about 255 million.
21 November 2015

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