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Fossil fuels have to stay in the ground
The world’s fossil fuels “obviously” have to stay in the ground in order to prevent global warming, Barack Obama’s climate change envoy has said.
27 November 2014

Family planning should be voluntary and safe
The recent deaths of women following sterilisation in India have highlighted the need for family planning to be both voluntary and safe.
26 November 2014

Nearly half of Syrian population needs aid
More than 12 million Syrians need assistance because of increasing violence and deteriorating conditions in the country, according to a new United Nations report.
26 November 2014

Climate fund receives US $9.3 billion pledge
Thirty nations have pledged US $9.3 billion for a fund to help developing countries cut greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for climate change.
25 November 2014

Top three bilateral donors to family planning
The United States, United Kingdom and Netherlands provide the most funding for international family planning programs.
24 November 2014

Family planning involving men empowers women
A report just issued by the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University indicates that "a relatively small adjustment in family programs can change perceptions about women's rights".
24 November 2014

More Rwandan women embracing family planning
The number of women and girls using modern contraception in Rwanda has increased significantly in the past one year, according to a new Family Planning 2020 report.
23 November 2014

Nearly 30 per cent of world population obese
The McKinsey Global Institute has released a report indicating that almost 30 per cent of the global population is obese, costing the world approximately $2.1 trillion annually.
22 November 2014

CO2 emissions must be zero by 2070
The world must cut carbon dioxode emissions to zero by 2070 at the latest to keep global warming below dangerous levels and prevent a global catastrophe, the United Nations has warned.
21 November 2014

Coal rush in India could trigger climate change
An anticipated coal rush in India could push the world into irreversible climate change and make India’s cities, which already are among the world’s most polluted, even more unlivable, scientists say.
21 November 2014

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