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Tales of a warmer planet
By running our civilization on fossil fuels, we are both creating and destroying climates that our descendants will live in tens if not hundreds of thousands of years from now.
8 December 2015

Population of Iceland one-third larger by 2065
A new study by Statistics Iceland indicates that the population size of the country will increase by approximately one-third by 2065.
7 December 2015

Africa's child brides 'to reach 310 million'
UNICEF has warned that the increasing population of Africa could result in the number of girls being forced to marry before they reach 18 more than doubling during the next 25 years.
6 December 2015

Climate change agreement reached in Paris
Negotiators representing 195 countries have agreed to a deal intended to help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and limit global warming.
5 December 2015

Las Vegas switching to renewable energy
Carolyn Goodman, the mayor of Las Vegas, has announced that the city will be "the first of its size (in the United States) to be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy" by January 2017.
4 December 2015

Pakistani government forms population task force
Mamnoon Hussain, the president of Pakistan, has established a task force made up of government officials "to address the issue of rapid population growth confronting the country."
3 December 2015

Half of Amazon tree species 'face extinction'
A report published in the journal Science Advances indicates that as many as 57 per cent of Amazon tree species may become extinct in the near future.
2 December 2015

David Attenborough's climate conversion
Not so long ago, our patron Sir David Attenborough was a self-professed climate-change skeptic.
1 December 2015

Three killed in attack on abortion clinic
A gunman stormed a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Colorado Springs on Friday and opened fire with a rifle in an attack that left three people dead and nine others injured.
30 November 2015

Pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives
Groundbreaking laws in California and Oregon will soon make obtaining contraceptives much easier for millions of women.
29 November 2015

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