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Renewable resources reach their limits
Researchers in the United States and Denmark have analysed the production and extraction rates of 27 global renewable and nonrenewable resources — fish, meat, milk, etc. — and found that many reached their peak a few years ago.
30 January 2015

Global human population growth map
A graphic representation of global human population growth from 1765 to the present.
30 January 2015

Brazil facing worst drought in 80 years
Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira of Brazil has said the country's three most populous states are experiencing their worst drought since 1930.
29 January 2015

The hazards of too much stuff
On average, each family in the United States has 39 pairs of shoes, 90 videos, 139 toys, 212 compact discs and 438 books or magazines, according to a recent University of California study.
28 January 2015

Decrease in teenage pregnancy rates
Teenage pregnancy rates have decreased considerably during the past few decades in developed countries, but remain relatively high in some.
27 January 2015

ellaOne now over-the-counter in Europe
The European Commission has confirmed the authorisation of the emergency contraceptive ellaOne to be accessible directly from pharmacies without the need for a prescription.
27 January 2015

Climate and population are linked
The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently stated that poulation and economic growth “continue to be the most important drivers of increases in carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel combustion”.
26 January 2015

The effect of population growth on climate change
Human population growth increases consumption and thereby increases the amounts of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.
26 January 2015

The cost of raising a child in Britain
The average cost of raising a child in Britain increased by almost £2,000 during the last year to approximately £230,000 (US $345,000), according to the Center of Economic and Business Research.
25 January 2015

New US Congress threatens family planning
United States foreign aid to family planning clinics in developing countries is expected to be cut when committees of the Republican-controlled 114th Congress begin work.
24 January 2015

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