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Can a city become too big?
The number of megacities has been increasing so rapidly in the last few decades that many are experiencing serious growing pains.
18 April 2015

Longer-term thinking 'needed' on air pollution
Warnings about polluted air are now coming so often that only the most severe seem to get anyone's attention.
17 April 2015

Vatican announces global warming summit
Catholic officials announced on Tuesday plans for a landmark climate change-themed conference to be hosted at the Vatican later this month.
16 April 2015

Indian prime minister addresses climate change
From New Delhi to Berlin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently called for his country to take a leading role in addressing the “pressing global problem” of climate change.
15 April 2015

World’s population to grow by 1.1 billion by 2030
The United Nations has released a report indicating that the world’s population is expected to grow from 7. 3 billion to 8.4 billion by 2030.
14 April 2015

China frees women's rights activists
China has released women's rights activists detained for more than one month without being charged in a case that earned rebukes from the United States, United Kingdom and other countries.
14 April 2015

More women going childless in the United States
The percentage of United States women in their 30s and 40s who are childless is increasing, new data from the United States Census Bureau show.
13 April 2015

California's new era of heat
The heat in California for the past 12 months has been like nothing ever recorded in records dating back to 1895.
12 April 2015

Women's rights activists attacked in Afghanistan
Amnesty International is calling for authorities to address the number of attacks on women's rights activists in Afghanistan.
11 April 2015

Endless growth and the California drought
A punishing drought is forcing a reconsideration of whether the aspiration of untrammeled growth that has for so long been California's engine has run against the limits of nature.
10 April 2015

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