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Brazil population now 202 million
The population of Brazil is now more than 202 million, according to figures just released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics.
30 August 2014

Population of Oman to rise by 60 per cent by 2040
The National Centre for Statistics and Information of Oman has published a report indicating that the population of the country will increase by 2.4 million or 60 per cent during the next 25 years.
30 August 2014

Half of Syria's population displaced by war
A report issued by the United Nations today indicates that approximately half of the population of Syria has been displaced by civil war.
29 August 2014

Beijing’s booming population risking instability
Beijing government officials are concerned that rapidly increasing rural migrants may overtax the city's infrastructure in the near future.
28 August 2014

Economic abundance & shrinking population
Perhaps one of the most common myths around today is the notion that a shrinking overall population naturally causes or leads to economic decline.
28 August 2014

Some climate change impacts now 'inevitable'
A leaked draft United Nations report on climate change indicates that "failure to heed...scientific advice regarding fossil fuel emissions have made large-scale climatic shifts inevitable".
27 August 2014

Shrinking population a bad thing?
Adair Turner, a member of the UK's Financial Policy Committee and House of Lords, argues that "a stable or slightly declining population would likely be optimal for human welfare" and that "for the world as a whole, it is a desirable goal".
27 August 2014

Global food system disruption within 10 years
The world is headed "down a dangerous path" with disruption of the global food system likely within a decade as climate change undermines nations' ability to feed themselves, according to a senior World Bank official.
27 August 2014

New contraceptive available in Africa
A long-lasting, single-dose contraceptive has been introduced in Burkina Faso and within the next few months will be available in several other African coutries as well.
26 August 2014

Global warming 'worsening, dangerous'
A United Nations science panel has issued a report indicating that "human influence on the planet's climate is clear" and having "widespread and consequential impacts on human and natural systems".
26 August 2014

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