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Ethiopian clerics promoting family planning
Religious leaders in Ethiopia are promoting family planning with great success.
1 August 2014

Population of South Africa exceeds 54 million
The population of South Africa is now more than 54 million, according to statistics just issued by the government of the country.
31 July 2014

'Runaway' birthrates in Niger
Niger has one of the highest birthrates and lowest contraception use rates in the world.
30 July 2014

Population of the Philippines now 100 million
The population of the Philippines has increased to more than 100 million.
29 July 2014

Impact of climate change on public health shown
The Australian Academy of Science has shown the effects of global warming on extreme weather events, infectious diseases and food security.
28 July 2014

Two billion people 'near or living in poverty'
The United Nations has issued a report indicating that more than 2.2 billion people worldwide are “either near or living in poverty”.
27 July 2014

Wildlife loss prompting child slavery
More labour is needed to find food as numbers of wild animals decrease in many countries — a University of California study has shown that child slaves are often used to fill the need.
26 July 2014

India to plant two billion trees
The Rural Development Ministry of India has unveiled a plan to hire as many as 300,000 youths to plant two billion trees along highways in the country.
25 July 2014

Population growth resulting in more disasters
Population growth has been found to be placing more and more people and property "in harm's way".
25 July 2014

Women in the UK waiting longer to have children
The Office for National Statistics of the UK has reported that the average age of first-time mothers in the country is 30. The average age was 26 in 1975.
24 July 2014

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