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How to teach population
The Guardian Teacher Network has amassed a collection of ideas and resources to help teachers discuss in class some of the challenges associated with global population growth.
1 July 2015

China unveils its climate change plan
Prime Minister Li Kegiang has stated that China is aiming to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 60 - 65 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030.
30 June 2015

United Kingdom not ready for population boom
The country will soon be home to more than 70 million people, but the government has no plan for their welfare.
29 June 2015

Child marriage in Ethiopia
Early marriage and pregnancy are challenges faced by many teenage girls in Ethiopia.
28 June 2015

Barack Obama interviews David Attenborough
The future of Earth was recently thrashed out during an extraordinary meeting between the leader of the free world and the master of the natural one.
27 June 2015

Cuba intent on increasing birth rates
Cuba's government is intent on increasing birth rates and providing funding for fertility treatments.
26 June 2015

United Kingdom population exceeds 64 million
The population of the United Kingdom increased last year by almost 500,000 to approximately 64,596,800, according to the United Kingdom Office for National Statistics.
25 June 2015

Health risks of climate change reviewed
The prestigious medical journal The Lancet has published a comprehensive review of the potential health effects of climate change.
24 June 2015

Humans extinct within 100 years?
Humans will be extinct within 100 years because Earth will be uninhabitable, according to the late Australian microbiologist Frank Fenner.
23 June 2015

A world of limited resources
Many of Earth's ecosystems are nearing critical levels of depletion or irreversible change as a result of population growth and economic development.
23 June 2015

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