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Flooding in the UK linked to population growth
Research conducted at Southampton University has revealed that "the number of reported major flood events has parallel with population growth and a boom in building in vulnerable areas".
22 August 2014

Global warming affecting cities' air quality
Global warming is causing ozone levels in cities around the world to increase.
22 August 2014

Climate change hindering South Asian economy
South Asia is at risk of losing up to 8.8 per cent of its GDP by 2100 due to severe weather caused by climate change, according to a newly published Asian Development Bank report.
21 August 2014

Online access to women's rights resources free
Facebook and have created an app that provides free Internet connectivity in Zambia for accessing women’s rights resources.
20 August 2014

School sustainability programs 'can save millions'
Schools in Marshall County in West Virginia have saved approximately $7 million since 2000 by implementing sustainability measures.
20 August 2014

Waves of population displacement in Iraq
Hundreds of thousands of people have fled areas in which fighting has recently taken place in Iraq.
20 August 2014

Today is Earth Overshoot Day 2014
Today is the day on which global consumption this year will exceed the predicted production from renewable resources for the whole year.
19 August 2014

Climate change altering flow of Missouri River
A report just published by the United States Geological Survey indicates that global warming is altering the flow of the Missouri River, which is the longest river in the United States.
18 August 2014

July fourth hottest month on record
Last month globally was the fourth hottest on record, according the United States National Climatic Data Center. Only the Julys of 2005, 2010 and 1998 were warmer.
18 August 2014

Most indigenous Mexicans impoverished
According to figures recently relased by the Mexican National Statistics Institute, approximately three quarters of the 14.8 million indigenous people in Mexico are living in poverty.
17 August 2014

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