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India to plant two billion trees
The Rural Development Ministry of India has unveiled a plan to hire as many as 300,000 youths to plant two billion trees along highways in the country.
25 July 2014

Population growth resulting in more disasters
Population growth has been found to be placing more and more people and property "in harm's way".
25 July 2014

Women in the UK waiting longer to have children
The Office for National Statistics of the UK has reported that the average age of first-time mothers in the country is 30. The average age was 26 in 1975.
24 July 2014

Female genital mutilation measures announced
UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced measures intended to end female genital mutilation.
23 July 2014

Environmental impact of meat production
A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences describes the damage the production of beef, chicken, pork and other types of meat does to the environment.
23 July 2014

Global natural resource depletion 'critical'
Natural resource researcher Dr. Richard Oppenlander has published a study indicating that "we have 50 - 60 years of top soil use, and with climate change, we have a 50- to 75-year range before things become unbearable".
22 July 2014

Seminar addresses LGBT family planning
A seminar was recently held in Indianapolis to assist lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual families with marriage and family planning.
22 July 2014

UK recognizes threats posed by population growth
The UK Department of Defense has issued a report outlining the threats posed by continued global population growth.
21 July 2014

'Human dynamics of climate change' mapped
The UK Met Office has published an assessment of the effects of climate and population change.
21 July 2014

Cap on UK child benefit proposed
Policy Exchange, a thinktank based in London, has proposed limiting the UK child benefit to four children per household.
20 July 2014

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