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New contraceptive available in Africa
A long-lasting, single-dose contraceptive has been introduced in Burkina Faso and within the next few months will be available in several other African coutries as well.
26 August 2014

Global warming 'worsening, dangerous'
A United Nations science panel has issued a report indicating that "human influence on the planet's climate is clear" and having "widespread and consequential impacts on human and natural systems".
26 August 2014

Climate change policies 'pay for themselves'
A study recently conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers indicates that "the cost of slashing coal-fired carbon emissions would be offset by reduced spending on public health".
26 August 2014

Karachi, Pakistan thirsting for water
Water shortages have become critical in Karachi, Pakistan. Existing sources are providing only about half of the amount needed.
25 August 2014

Population and climate change 'close relations'
Scholars are noting that reducing global warming would be easier if population growth were reduced.
25 August 2014

Zimbabwe seeking reduced birth rate
The government of ZImbabwe is undertaking measures to reduce the birth rate in the country in the interest of "aligning it to the country's economic growth rate".
24 August 2014

Philippines 'roiled' by limited family planning
The Philippines is experiencing a population explosion caused in part by limited access to contraception and family planning advice.
24 August 2014

Half of all people in one of six countries
Half of all of the people in the world live in one of only six countries: China, India, Brazil, the United States, Pakistan or Indonesia.
23 August 2014

Flooding in the UK linked to population growth
Research conducted at Southampton University has revealed that "the number of reported major flood events has parallel with population growth and a boom in building in vulnerable areas".
22 August 2014

Global warming affecting cities' air quality
Global warming is causing ozone levels in cities around the world to increase.
22 August 2014

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