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Underfed drop by 100 million globally in a decade
A report just published by the United Nations indicates that the number of undernourished people in the world decreased by approximately 100 million during the last 10 years.
16 September 2014

Hottest August on record
This past August was the warmest since 1881, the first year in which records were kept, according to new data released by NASA.
16 September 2014

Women's rights group wins top UN honour
The 2014 winner of United Nations Nansen Refugee Award is the Colombian women's rights group Butterflies with New Wings Building a Future, whose members risk their lives to help victims of forced displacement and sexual abuse.
15 September 2014

Climate change activists organize for march
Activists seeking "a world safe from the ravages of climate change" are planning a New York City march to draw attention to changing global weather patterns two days before a United Nation summit to discuss the issue.
15 September 2014

Population growth undermining living standards
The traditional link between population growth and economic growth has been weakened in the United Kingdom, according to academics at the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute.
15 September 2014

2050 weather forecasts
United Nations mock weather forecasts from the year 2050 illustrate the effects climate change will have on daily life in different areas of the world.
14 September 2014

Climate change to increase pests in coffee crops
Pests and diseases such as coffee berry borer, coffee rust and leaf spot disease could make a strong comeback due to drastic climate change, according to Centre for Agricultural Bioscience International researcher Peter Baker.
14 September 2014

'Confusion' about family planning
Women in the in the north west of the United Kingdom face "confusion and stigma over contraceptive choices", according to a survey conducted for Sexual Health Week.
13 September 2014

Kevin Rudd issues climate change warning
Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has warned of the severe consequences of ignoring climate change.
12 September 2014

Kenya recruiting clerics to promote family planning
The Kenyan government is asking religious leaders to promote family planning in a bid to reduce child mortality.
12 September 2014

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