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Organic farming 'benefits biodiversity'
Organic farms act as refuges for wild plants, somewhat offsetting the loss of biodiversity on conventional farms, according to a study just published by the University of Swansea.
24 May 2015

'Dramatic' ice loss on the Antarctic Peninsula
Satellite photographs have revealed a dramatic change in the behaviour of glaciers on the Antarctica Peninsula.
23 May 2015

Melinda Gates on reinvesting in family planning
The cofounder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation talks about renewed efforts to distribute family planning aid throughout the world.
22 May 2015

Income poverty affects a third of UK population
Almost one-third of the population of the United Kingdom experienced income poverty in at least one year between 2010 and 2013, according to statistics just released by the Office for National Statistics.
21 May 2015

How much is the sea worth?
If the world's seas and oceans were a national economy, how much would they be worth? Approximately US $24 trillion according to a report just issued by the World Wildlife Foundation.
20 May 2015

Parents are why teenagers don't use birth control
A majority of United States teenagers who repsonded to a survey by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy indicated that the primary reason they don't use birth control is fear of their parents finding out.
20 May 2015

Indian Ocean storing up heat from global warming
The Indian Ocean has experienced an unprecedented rise in heat content during the past decade due to a transfer of heat from the Pacific Ocean caused by global warming.
19 May 2015

Illegal settlers destroying Uganda's forests
Despite government promises to reverse deforestation, illegal settlers are continuing to destroy forest reserves.
18 May 2015

The power of sustainability-first design
For many companies, social responsibility seems to come as an afterthought. But if product developers are onboard, social responsibility can become the core of a business.
17 May 2015

World population / food supply balance unstable
As the world population has increased and food demand has grown, globalization of trade has made the food supply more sensitive to environmental and market fluctuations.
16 May 2015

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