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World population could hit 12 billion
An international research team believes the world's population by the end of this century could increase by up to three billion more people than has been predicted.
22 October 2014

What if the world's population were 11 billion?
Paul Hanley, author of Eleven, answers questions about what we might expect if United Nations projections that predict our population will reach 11 billion by 2100 hold true.
21 October 2014

Amazon deforestation picking up pace
Figures released by Imazon, a Brazilian nonprofit research organisation, show that there has been a 190 per cent increase in land clearance in August and September in comparison with the same period last year.
21 October 2014

UK facing an 'agricultural crisis'
Intense overfarming has left only about 100 harvests in the soil of the United Kingdom's countryside, according to a study just published by the University of Sheffield.
20 October 2014

India launches air quality index
The index will measure eight major pollutants that impact respiratory health in cities with populations exceeding one million in the next five years and then gradually cover the rest of the country.
19 October 2014

World Vasectomy Day - 7 November
The Day is intended to "inform people about vasectomies, bring these services to those furthest afield and to inspire men to engage in the conversation about family planning".
19 October 2014

Tackling the population taboo
The objections faced by those who speak out about overpopulation can be categorised as follows: overpopulation is a myth; carrying capacity is within our control; and growth will solve the problem of growth.
19 October 2014

Is sex only for rich people?
The United States is turning into a two-track society when it comes to the availability of family planning services.
18 October 2014

How family planning saves taxpayers billions
Publicly funded family planning services help low-income Americans avoid serious health conditions while saving billions of dollars each year, according to a new report by the Guttmacher Institute.
17 October 2014

Perspectives on Africa's 2050 population boom
Africa's population is expected to go from being 15 per cent of the world’s to 25 per cent by 2050.
17 October 2014

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