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Limiting global warming to 2 degrees 'inadequate'
Limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius — the cornerstone of an expected global climate agreement in December — will fail to prevent many of climate change's worst impacts, a group of scientists and other experts has warned.
4 May 2015

Hillary Clinton on women’s rights
Hillary Clinton spoke of her views on women's rights during a speech at the Women in the World Summit recently held in New York City.
3 May 2015

Rape victims no longer adulterers in Sudan
Sudan has overhauled a law that led to rape victims being put on trial for adultery — a crime punishable by jail, flogging or even stoning in that country.
2 May 2015

Climate change risk to 'one in six species'
One in six species on Earth could face extinction if nothing is done to tackle climate change, according to study just published in Science.
2 May 2015

Air in half of the United States still polluted
High ozone levels and particulate matter plague approximately 138 million United States residents despite recent improvements, according to the American Lung Association.
1 May 2015

German population to shrink by 10 million by 2060
Germany's population is set to decline by about 10 million people by 2060 as immigrants fail to offset a falling birth rate.
30 April 2015

Climate change causing more extreme weather
Extreme heatwaves and heavy rain storms are already happening with increasing regularity worldwide because of manmade climate change, according to a study just published in Nature Climate Change.
29 April 2015

European birth rates increasing
A new paper by Oxford University researchers indicates that birth rates in Europe are increasing.
28 April 2015

Feeding nine billion
By 2050 we’ll need to feed two billion more people. How can we do that without overwhelming the planet?
27 April 2015

Egyptian birth rate reduced to 3.5 per woman
The childbearing rate of Egyptian women has been reduced to 3.5 per woman, according to Egyptian Minister of Population Hala Youssef.
26 April 2015

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