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Is the global human population too high?
Low-Impact Living Initiative
18 November 2014

Can you be an environmentalist and still have kids?
13 November 2014

The Arctic doomsday vault might save our food future
The Guardian
13 November 2014

Two’s a model family, says Lily
The Times
9 November 2014

We are ‘locked-in’ to catastrophic overpopulation unless we take action now
RIA Novosti
31 October 2014

Would you refrain from having children to save the planet?
29 October 2014

How to save the planet? Stop having children
The Guardian
28 October 2014

Humanity’s ‘inexorable’ population growth is so rapid that even a global catastrophe would not stop it
The Independent
27 October 2014

Sir David Attenborough: ‘I still can’t believe how lucky I’ve been’
Daily Express
22 October 2014

Population growth is as potentially catastrophic as climate change. So why aren’t we talking about it?
The Independent
29 September 2014

World population to hit 11 billion in 2100 – with 70 per cent chance of continuous rise
The Guardian
18 September 2014

Greenfield development even threatening Constable country – and local democracy being bulldozed too
The Mirror
10 September 2014

Number of people in the UK smashes through 64million after one of the biggest population increases in the whole of Europe
Daily Mail
26 June 2014

UK population increases by 400,000
Belfast Telegraph
26 June 2014

UK population rises 400,00 to 64m
Yorkshire Post
26 June 2014

The pressure is on for public services as the UK’s population reaches 64 million
Daily Express
26 June 2014

Fear council will favour migrants for housing
Derby Telegraph
6 June 2014

England’s population set to soar to 57 million by 2022
Voice of Russia
2 June 2014

Immigration will push population up by 4m
The Times
30 May 2014

Population growth means more emissions
Green Jobs
30 May 2014

Romanian migrants have most babies of any group in Britain
The Times
5 February 2014

Cut childcare costs by having fewer children, says Population Matters
The Independent
28 January 2014