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UK population expected to rise by almost 10 million in 25 years
The Guardian
29 October 2015

Chris Packham: ‘I have nothing against cats; it is the cat-owners’
The Guardian
9 October 2015

Seven reasons why some progressives don’t get population
28 September 2015

World population rises
The Times
15 September 2015

Kim Cattrall and the population debate: not having children is a gift to the world
The Guardian
14 September 2015

Climate change, conflict and a growing refugee crisis: the future is here
The News Hub
8 September 2015

Europe witnessing massive migration from Syria
The Kashmir Times
6 September 2015

Britain to overtake Germany as population climbs to 76m
The Times
1 September 2015

Britain to overtake Germany as EU nation with highest population
1 September 2015

Use the experience older workers have developed
The Financial Times (Print only)
27 August 2015

Migrants fuel rise in Britain double that of the whole EU
The Express (Print only)
26 August 2015

Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t need to be in government to disrupt the country
The Telegraph
23 August 2015

Family planning
The Scotsman
18 August 2015

The fate of the Earth and population growth
The Times
18 August 2015

Population explosion – a time to act
Green Christian
17 August 2015

Population: What if we don’t stop growing?
BBC News
15 August 2015

Tiffany Jenkins: Fertility is down across the world
The Scotsman
14 August 2015

What if the UK population keeps growing?
BBC News
14 August 2015

The Guardian view on population control: empowering women may not save the environment
The Guardian
2 August 2015

World population is set to hit 9.7 billion by 2050
Daily Mail
29 July 2015

Grey Britain: A third of us will be over the age of 60 by 2050
The Express
29 July 2015

Migrant baby boom will see demand for secondary school places rise by a fifth
The Express
23 July 2015

Can you afford to have more than one child?
Women 24
17 July 2015

Population overload: Britain now houses almost one in eight of all EU residents
The Express
11 July 2015

UK’s population rockets thanks to immigration – so when will Cameron close our borders?
The Express
26 June 2015

UK population increases by 500,000, official figures show
BBC News
25 June 2015

UK population at record high, with net migration the biggest driver
The Guardian
25 June 2015

Migrants push UK population to record high of 64.6 million
The Financial Times
25 June 2015

UK population reaches record 64.6 million – growing by 500,000 in a year
The Mirror
25 June 2015

The new UK population figure is pretty mind-blowing
25 June 2015

UK population reaches record 64.6m
The Northern Echo
25 June 2015

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Pope ‘ignored population issue’
The Times
20 June 2015

Women, careers and when to have children
The Times
6 June 2015

Kent election candidates clash over population growth
BBC News
28 April 2015

Why being childfree is good for everyone
We’re {Not} Having a Baby!
21 April 2015

Quarter of Britons will be from an ethnic minority within decades
The Times
20 April 2015

The whopping £130million benefits bill that is being raked in by Britain’s big families
The Express
26 March 2015

How the man swarm eats the Earth
Earth Island Journal
18 March 2015

Challenging our children’s carbon footprint
The Huffington Post
18 March 2015

2015 challenges: demographic shifts
The Guardian
16 March 2015

Why population matters to Green Economy
Green Economy Coalition
4 March 2015

Sex education in the 21st century: moving from individual to global
Population Growth
2 March 2015

The Greens need coherent policies on population and immigration
The Ecologist
9 February 2015

What can businesses do to cope with overpopulation?
HR Director
5 February 2015

Capital shows the strain of surge in its population
The Times
26 January 2015

Action, not excuses, needed on population and migration
The Ecologist
7 January 2015