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  1. July 23rd 2014  |  Tags:

    Sign the online UN climate petition

    Population Matters is encouraging everyone to sign the online petition on climate change that calls for "world leaders to take urgent action on climate change to limit global warming to...
  2. July 17th 2014  |  Tags: ,

    UK births down, but still high

    Good to see births in the UK falling, but the total fertility rate of 1.85 is still high by recent historical standards and in comparison to the birth rates of...
  3. July 16th 2014  |  Tags:

    Campaign for girls’ sexual & reproductive rights

    Population Matters supports the Youth for Change campaign against child, early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation, as part of the wider campaign for women's human rights, including sexual...
  4. June 28th 2014  |  Tags:

    Join our campaign against population growth

    With the latest official figures showing growth in the UK population of more than 400,000 during the last year, there has never been a better time to join our campaign....
  5. June 12th 2014  |  Tags: ,

    Make UK sex education statutory

    Write to your MP in support of this campaign by the Sex Education Forum. The text of the campaign's letter in the Guardian is set out below. David Cameron, Nick Clegg...
  6. June 4th 2014  |  Tags:

    Population pioneers speak in London 12.06.14

    To book Free entry; booking recommended Population: The Elephant in the Room Is Our Friend Malcolm Potts and Martha Campbell, University of California Berkeley 12 June 2014, 6-730 pm, Birkbeck College University of London,...
  7. May 28th 2014  |  Tags:

    Join PM to help campaign in the UN

    Governments taking part in the UN-sponsored sustainable development goals process are still reluctant to talk about population. That's why it's so important to have organizations like Population Matters to say...
  8. May 26th 2014  |  Tags:

    Your chance to live forever!

    Not sure if this is sustainable or unsustainable! Do you want to live forever?
  9. May 22nd 2014  |  Tags:

    Open letter on migration to OECD

    Australian academic Jane O'Sullivan responds to an OECD report on migration. To: Jean-Christophe Dumont Senior Economist (Principal Administrator) Direction for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs (Division for...
  10. May 19th 2014  |  Tags: ,

    May 28 Day of action for women’s health

    Reproductive health leads to smaller families! Support the campaign - Follow the link Call for action