Population Matters

Population growth eroding natural amenities

Population growth eroding natural amenities

Hedgehogs are facing extinction in the UK due to disappearing habitatWhile the UK was once predominantly covered with woodlands and moors, human activity and climatic changes have changed the landscape dramatically.

Population growth leads to higher housing demand, infrastructure expansion and greater energy consumption and waste production, all of which are damaging to nature. Population growth also increases the popularity of natural amenities for leisure purposes.

In this briefing, the loss of the UK’s various natural amenities will be discussed, as will their economic, social and environmental value. We will conclude that a further loss of nature would be devastating for the UK. It would cause great damage to the environment, have an adverse effect on well-being and increase public spending.

The integration of nature into new urban projects can improve the situation in part. Green roofs and inverted gardens in tube stations can create great environmental benefits in urban areas. However, there are certain losses that cannot be compensated for in this way. Children cannot play in vertical gardens, and reduced biodiversity cannot be fully restored in the city.

Population stabilisation is the only approach that will allow people to enjoy natural amenities fully in the future. Consequently, the government should embrace population stabilisation policies.

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