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Space and amenities

Ever more people need ever more space. For many people, the amount of personal space they have affects their perceived quality of life. Their sense of wellbeing depends to some extent on: having enough space; having access to green areas; being able to move from one place to another with ease; and having times of tranquillity.

Ever more people need ever more amenity. Around the world, as populations rise, more and more unspoilt countryside is being lost to urban and industrial development. Only protected lands, such as national parks and nature reserves are safe from development. In some countries even protected areas are under threat as demand for additional housing, driven partly by population growth, is creating pressure to allow development on “green belt” or “green space” areas set aside to limit the further spread of urbanisation.

In towns and cities playing fields and gardens are increasingly being lost to urban in-fill.

Ever more people need ever more transport. Levels of traffic congestion around the world are rising as populations grow and become more urbanised. The consequences include lengthening journey times, more stress and deteriorating health, as well as increased pollution levels and fuel consumption, all of which adversely affect productivity and quality of life.

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