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We promote a voluntary and gradual reduction in global human population to a level that enables an acceptable quality of life for all, protects wildlife and is ecologically sustainable. This should be achieved through:

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  • universal user-led access to a full range of family planning services;
  • high-quality sex and relationships education;
  • encouragement for individuals to make responsible decisions about family size;
  • an end to subsidies of larger families, except in cases of proven need; and
  • an end to discrimination against women and equal access for women to education, decision-making and resources.

We also support:

Solar panels

  • sustainable development in developing countries;
  • reduced per capita consumption in wealthy communities;
  • more efficient resource use and improved skills development for individuals;
  • broadly balanced migration flows for countries that consume unsustainably; and
  • due consideration of the interaction of population size and government policies.