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Population Matters is a membership organization that has existed for more than 20 years. We promote a sustainable family size and mindful consumption in order to make the world a better place.

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Our vision is of a sustainable future with decent living standards, a healthy environment and a stable population size.

Our goals include universal access to family planning services, an end to discrimination against women throughout the world and a global convergence in living standards.

Our activities comprise education, research, lobbying and campaigning. All of our activities are guided by our values.

The people associated with our organization include our patrons, advisory council, board, team of staff and volunteers and members.

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Detailed information about our activities and finances can be found in our annual reports.

Until 2011, Population Matters was known as the Optimum Population Trust, which remains our registered name.

We are a company limited by guarantee (3019081) and a registered charity (1114109). Our Articles of Association may be obtained for a small fee from Companies House.

We are unconnected with but entirely endorse the US-based blog Population Matters.